Green Tara Consulting

Leadership/Management Development

Designing and delivering impactful and results focused development programmes

Everyone has the potential to be an inspiring leader. I can help you on your path to influential and authentic leadership. By first focussing on your own behaviour, learn how to motivate your team and nurture individual talents. I help leaders develop from the inside-out, ensuring they have the right qualities to inspire and succeed. If you currently don’t have people management responsibility you can still develop your leadership.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development – especially when an organisation has cultural differences to consider. My experience working around the world has given me a powerful insight into the differing needs of clients. I have delivered leadership programmes for middle to senior managers for many international businesses. I am currently on the delivery team for several global leadership development programmes, running in a number of international locations with cross-cultural participants.

I work with all management levels: high potentials/emerging leaders, new managers, middle management, senior and executive level.

I have particular experience in working with managers who are technical experts (engineers, IT, solicitors, accountants, etc.) in leadership roles who want to develop further this additional skill set.

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