Do you or your organisation want to...

Develop leadership skills, people management and/or personal effectiveness?

Enhance the effectiveness of teams and the way they work?

Ensure change is managed successfully?

Do you or your organisation want to...

Develop talented high potentials?

Help technically competent managers to become effective leaders?

Develop leadership capability for working cross-culturally or with virtual teams?


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Specialising in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Group Facilitation and Virtual Coaching Telephone +44 (0) 7872 627936

Green Tara Consulting can help you with

one of 4 consulting specialist areas.

A menu of topics in my portfolio:

Leadership Developmentincluding
developing self-awareness, purpose, vision, values and strategic thinking.

Management Skillsincluding
effective communication, coaching, motivation, employee engagement, giving and receiving feedback, performance management, delegation and managing effective teams.

Personal Effectivenessincluding
self-awareness, emotional intelligence, influencing, personal power, organisational politics and handling conflict productively.

Managing Changeincluding
overcoming resistance, improving engagement and delivering results.

Green Tara Consulting

Why Green Tara?

People always ask what Green Tara means so it’s a great way to talk about what I do! I chose this name for my consultancy as the energy this Buddhist/Hindu goddess resonates is perfect for my work philosophy. Green Tara represents success in work and achievement and is the Buddha for enlightened activity.

This is manifested through my work with leaders by supporting them in not taking on everything themselves and instead delegate, develop others, let go and make focused decisions for moving forward. It’s not a weakness, it’s a strength to ask for help!

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International Experience & Qualifications

I have the appropriate qualifications to administer psychometric testing, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, TMS and Firo Elements. I am also a qualified learning set advisor, coach and highly experienced in working with 360 degree feedback instruments. I have extensive international experience having worked in North America, Europe, the Middle East, UAE, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Mexico City.

Associate Relationships

I have had several associate relationships with leading learning and development providers and am always open to exploring new opportunities to partner. Please contact me through the enquiry form on this website.

Sector Experience

Financial Services, Professional Services, Investment Banking, Engineering, Pharma, Data Management, Public Sector, Hotels/Airlines, Telcoms, Automotive
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